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Entry #2


2009-12-14 04:26:59 by MWP

It just amazes me how much people suck with autotune... They want a "T-pain" effect, but they just can't do it right. It really annoys the fuck out of me to see you putting too much and not knowing how to control the amount or the velocity of it because you saw some tutorial on youtube on "how to autotune" or "how to sound like Kanye West." And what the FUCK is with rappers putting autotune on a RAP?! It's for SINGING! For god sakes, save the world from some of your novice ear-fucking experience and if you can't adjust the autotune the way it SHOULD sound or use it the way it SHOULD be used, by all means... STOP


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2010-02-13 11:37:18

Real talk from a real n***a!


2010-04-28 22:18:06

Fuck autotune.